Adventure Morocco – Part 3: The Coast

After our big road trip adventure (see: Adventure Morocco – Part 2: Our Road Trip) we wanted to take it a bit slower towards the end of our trip. From Tafraoute we drove to the coast all the way to Sidi Ifni, a little sleepy beach town.

IMG_4287 (Kopie)

Unfortunately it was a bit windy and not that sunny, soinstead of sun bathing we went on a hike along the cliffs.

IMG_4270 (Kopie)

Next day, the sun was shining again with its full power, so we drove to the nearby bay Legzira Plage – a long sandy beach enclosed by two huge rock arches. I really liked it there – the sun bathing was enjoyable and there were a couple of simple beach restaurants for a quick drink/snack in between. We mainly saw local tourists and surf schools, and I was able to lay in the sun in my bikini with no issues at all! Perfect! 🙂

IMG_4319 (Kopie)

Originally we had wanted to spent one more day in Sidi Ifni, however, the next day was cool and grey. So we made our way to Agadir which ended up being the absolute lowlight of our trip. It’s one of the ugliest city I’ve ever seen and even the beach does not impress. Everything is overpriced and not worth the money. Only absolute ramshackle rooms were affordable and normal rooms like we had them before on our trip, cost about three times as much as we were used to. What cheek! In the end we found a last minute offer on outside the city, but also that hotel was very strange. Frustrated by the weather and the city we spent two freaking hours searching for beer, until we finally found some and spent the evening drowning our sorrows 😉

Next day: More grey and rain. We decided to take a road trip into the mountains to the East of Agadir, where we visited a dried-up waterfall and a little canyon with water pools. Quite alright and probably the best thing to do on that day!

IMG_4375 (Kopie)

Then it was time to wake up early and give back our rental car at Agadir airport (that’s why we had to wait around in Agadir). Afterwards we took the bus to Essaouira and the weather finally turned sunny again! 🙂

IMG_4448 (Kopie)

Essaouira was a great place to finish off our trip – a pretty little town with old city walls, a city beach perfect for sun bathing and an awesome fishing harbour. We spent the next days strolling around town, buying souvenirs and tanning on the beach.

IMG_4510 (Kopie)

IMG_4520 (Kopie)

All in all we had a great time in Morocco – the country surprised us positively and was even better than expected 🙂 Here you can see all the pictures!


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