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Let me introduce myself briefly. My name is Astrid (Asti), and I’m originally from a small town in Austria. The last 3 years I have been living in Amsterdam, and have been writing a separate blog about this experience – An Austrian in Amsterdam. However, very soon I will be travelling again for a long time!

My addiction to travelling was born about 10 years ago. I even still remember the exact moment: In 2007 I spent my exchange semester in Malaysia. About a month before the end of the exchange I realized that I just had not taken the chance to see enough – in the incredible region where I had been staying! I still had some time left, so I embarked on my first backpacking adventure ever – 3 weeks through Thailand, together with my sister who was visiting at that time. We spontaneously took a minibus from Krabi to Koh Lanta, rented a scooter there and my sister quickly learned to drive. The two of us, driving across the island, blue skies, amazing landscapes, fresh wind in our faces… In that moment we were so happy that we just started to sing! 🙂 This is when I realized how amazing it is to be on the road, gather new impressions and just go with the flow.

After finishing my studies and working for a couple of years, I went on a round the world tour from 2012-2013 for 20 months, which I have written about on this blog. From Central America to South America and South East Asia to Australia I went on adventures and discovered new places.

However, I still have many countries on my bucket list which I would like to see – in Europe, and around the world! This is why, from January 2018 I will go on a second world trip – this time mostly together with my boyfriend Mathijs. Of course I will be writing about my upcoming adventures again on this blog!


Destination: Everywhere

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