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Discovering Egypt – under water!

At the beginning of November last year I went on my first ever dive trip – which hopefully won’t be the last. The decision is easy: I wanted to go to Egypt! First I wanted to stay in one place and book daily dives from there. However, I quickly found out that like this you are not guaranteed getting to dive the best dive spots – either they are too far off the coast for a day trip or there is a minimum number of participants required to sign up. I just can’t rely on that happening as a solo traveller! Also, the dive packages (hotel + xxx dives) were not even that cheap. At one point I realized that liveaboards offer a much better value for the price you pay. In addition, there is a (almost) guaranteed itinerary, same dive groups every day, full board etc. After some research I found Emperor Divers, one of the few companies that does not have a surcharge for single travellers. Top!! 🙂 In the end I decided for the route „Famous Five“, which started in Hurghada.

DSC02634 (Kopie)

On the boat I was first a bit surprised by the composition of our group Mehr lesen…