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Adventure Morocco – Part 3: The Coast

After our big road trip adventure (see: Adventure Morocco – Part 2: Our Road Trip) we wanted to take it a bit slower towards the end of our trip. From Tafraoute we drove to the coast all the way to Sidi Ifni, a little sleepy beach town.

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Unfortunately it was a bit windy and not that sunny, so Mehr lesen…


Adventure Morocco – Part 2: Our Road Trip

After spending a couple of days sightseeing in Morocco’s cities (see: Adventure Morocco – Part 1: The Cities) it was time to start our road trip. We had arranged a rental car through Auto Europe which we wanted to pick up in Fez. Picking up the car was already the first adventure, since the office had moved and no one knew the new address. Luckily we had just bought a Moroccan SIM card and were able to call the local renter. Like this, it worked out in the end! 🙂 Therefore, tip, do get a local SIM card…also helpful in case you are getting lost in a medina 😉

Our road trip should lead us out of Fez, across the Atlas mountains, into the Sahara, past gorges and oases, via Ait Ben Haddou – the Hollywood-City of Morocco – via the rock landscapes of Southern Morocco, to the ocean near Sidi Ifni.

We started in Fez with a short detour to the ruins of Volubilis, to Midelt in the middle of the Atlas mountains. Volubilis is an archaeological site where you can see ruins from the Roman antique. A perfect blue sky, great ruins – what should I say: We liked it! 🙂

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We continued through desert-liked landscapes, higher and higher into the mountains – a section surprisingly green and with lots of trees. Midelt surprised us

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Adventure Morocco – Part 1: The Cities

It was not easy to find a destination for our 3 week vacation this year. Our luxury problem: We have seen many countries already, and want to save Europe for later. It should be cheap, which cancelled out southern Africa. At one point it was decided: We are going to Morocco!

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We wanted to split our trip into 3 parts: In the beginning a couple of cities by public transport, then take a rental car across the Atlas mountains and through the wild nature of Morocco, and finish off

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