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India Part 2 – Nature in Kerala & City Charm in Mumbai

20.02.2017 Kochi

After our visit to the Golden Triangle and experiencing an Indian wedding, we continued our India adventure with a flight from Pune to Kochi. Kochi (or better: Fort Kochi) is a tranquil little town – a nice change from all the big cities in the North. However, the highlights of Kochi are explored within an hour or so: Fishing nets, beach promenade next to an unfortunately very dirty beach, little alleys with some street art.

21.02.-22.02.2017 Munnar

Hence we just stayed one night and took the bus to Munnar next morning, high into the mountains to see the tea plantations. The trip to get there was a little exhausting, but nothing compared to the trip back to the coast later (luckily we didn’t know that back then 😉 ). We went higher and higher into the mountains with the bus
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India Part 1 – Golden Triangle & a wedding

It’s high time! Almost 2 months ago we returned from our trip to India and I still haven’t managed to publish my blog articles… Soooo: We started in mid-February. 3 weeks in India. A couple of days in the North (Golden Triangle), then on to Pune for an Indian wedding of a friend of mine and afterwards about 14 days in Kerala and Mumbai. A full program – as always 🙂

11.02.-12.02.2017 Delhi

We flew to Delhi via Doha where we arrived very tired and jet-legged so fell into bed straight away. In the afternoon we went for a first walk in Old Delhi. Our accommodation was located in Paharganj, a bit of a walk from Old Delhi. Slowly but surely the streets started to become busier and busier… People, rickshaws, motorbikes, vendors, shops that stretch out onto the streets,… Above our heads low hanging power cables and monkeys climbing around on exactely these. In addition lots of noise, horns every couple of seconds! A fascinating, but after a while also exhausting chaos!

Even if this chaos for us was already a sight by itself, we still wanted to visit some famous buildings on our tour: The Red Fort and the big mosque, Jama Masjid.
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