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Malta: Catching up on summer

Since we didn’t really have any summer this year in Holland, I was craving some sun rays and warmth! Malta was an easy choice since it had been on my bucket list for a while – the small island state should offer a lot compared to its small size…and I can definitely confirm that now! But let’s start from the beginning…

11.10.-12.10.2017 Malta – Gozo

In Amsterdam we had to wake up very early, given that our flight on the museum piece-like airline Electra Airlines (booked through Transavia) was going to leave around 6am. Well – the early bird catches the worm – at least we still had a full day to explore Malta this way 🙂 Our first stop was Mosta, where we visited the Rotunda church with its huge dome. Afterwards, it was beach time in Mellieha – unfortunately the beach here was full of sunbeds and umbrellas, and English guys of the generation 50+ 😉 So after a beer and enjoying the sun for a bit we continued on to Popeye Village. We didn’t feel like paying the expensive entrance fee for something that’s more of a kids attraction however the view of the little village and its location in the small bay is very pretty!


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Making a little dream come true: Diving the Azores

A few weeks ago I went on a dive vacation to the island Pico, which belongs to the Azores. A little island, in the middle of the Atlantic ocean, far away from mainland,… the inspiration for this trip came from a photo show by a research diver which I watched and listened to a few years ago in Munich. On one of his research trips, he went to Pico to photograph blue sharks – which I found extremely fascinating at that time.

The trip to get there took rather long: Amsterdam – Lisbon (short overnight stay) – Pico. At the airport, I was picked up by CW Azores and driven to the dive center where I could unpack my gear and talk about my dive plan for the next few days. Then I walked to the hotel, which was located just behind the dive center where luckily my room was available for early check-in. From the balcony I enjoyed this view below – not too bad right? 🙂


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One night in Copenhagen

Only one night? Is that even worth it? I was asking the question to myself before booking the flights 😉 In the end, it worked out like that due to flight and hotel prices and I also thought: If I can manage to see the highlights of Rome in 2,5 days, Copenhagen in 1,5 days should be doable, right!? In hindsight, I can now confirm my own suspicion. Even in one day, you could see the main sights.

I landed on Saturday in the late morning and arrived in the city center of Copenhagen after a short 15 min ride on the train. Since I was travelling only with a small backpack, I decided to go to the hotel only later on and get off in Østerport to first visit the Little Mermaid. There’s a lot of talk about this little statue about being… well, little… and rather insignificant. Same as with the Mona Lisa in Paris and the Manneken Pis in Brussels. True. But still, these landmarks for me are part of the deal when you’re visiting a new city and are therefore a must see! Afterwards, I walked through the little Kastellet (castle) just next to the mermaid which is actually quite beautiful. Not sure why it’s not even really mentioned in a guide book?

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