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One night in Copenhagen

Only one night? Is that even worth it? I was asking the question to myself before booking the flights 😉 In the end, it worked out like that due to flight and hotel prices and I also thought: If I can manage to see the highlights of Rome in 2,5 days, Copenhagen in 1,5 days should be doable, right!? In hindsight, I can now confirm my own suspicion. Even in one day, you could see the main sights.

I landed on Saturday in the late morning and arrived in the city center of Copenhagen after a short 15 min ride on the train. Since I was travelling only with a small backpack, I decided to go to the hotel only later on and get off in Østerport to first visit the Little Mermaid. There’s a lot of talk about this little statue about being… well, little… and rather insignificant. Same as with the Mona Lisa in Paris and the Manneken Pis in Brussels. True. But still, these landmarks for me are part of the deal when you’re visiting a new city and are therefore a must see! Afterwards, I walked through the little Kastellet (castle) just next to the mermaid which is actually quite beautiful. Not sure why it’s not even really mentioned in a guide book?

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