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Whitsun in Rome

Fiiiiiinally Rome!

You probably wouldn’t have guessed it, but with all my city trips and world tours I had never made it to one of the most important European capitals. Again and again I saved up Rome „for later“ and thought I will have to go there on a long weekend, probably almost a week, once I have more time. In June this year I finally wanted to go – the wait had been long enough! 😉 So me and my parents booked a trip for the Whitsun weekend. We found a nice apartment near the Colosseum and visited Rome’s highlights in 2,5 days. It’s possible, but only with a lot of advance planning and organization (and early mornings).

We started our first day bright and early at the Colosseum. Even though we queued up at the online tickets-line, there were already some people in front of us and it was good to have been there 30 min before opening time. Then, we were finally able to enter…and WOWWW! This really blew me away!!! Of course, I had seen many pictures before – but really standing in this big arena myself, was something different. The size really impressed me and I could vividly imagine, how gladiators fought for their lives back then.

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Naples: Pizza, Vesuvius & Pompeii

A couple of months ago we went on a trip to Naples. Yes – I admit: I have been lazy again with blogging. Now I want to catch up before embarking on the next trip…

Naples had been on my „wish list“ for long time already. I’ve always wanted to see Vesuvius, explore Pompeii and eat the best pizza of Italy (and therefore: of the world!?). We managed to do all this and a little more in the 3 days we had, even though 3 days were a little short for the region – there is just so much more to see and do! To see everything properly, I would recommend staying for at least a week.

Unfortunately the first day was a bit grey and rainy-ish, which was OK for sightseeing in the city since you always end up going inside in between.
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Sommer-Wochenende in Bologna & Rimini

Zu meinem Geburtstag wollte ich dieses Jahr gerne einen Städte-Trip unternehmen. Irgendwo hin, wo es warm ist, auf jeden Fall die Sonne scheint. Lecker Essen wäre auch nicht schlecht. Da qualifizierte sich natürlich gleich einmal Italien! 🙂 Da es aber leider Mitte August auch Hochsaison war, waren Städte wie Florenz oder Neapel, die schon sehr lange auf meiner Wunschliste stehen, nicht mehr machbar. So kamen wir irgendwann auf Bologna! Viel hat mir die Stadt nicht gesagt, aber eine kurze Google Bilder-Suche spukte uns Ergebnisse aus, die attraktiv genug waren für eine Buchung. Auf nach Bologna also!


Bologna ist ein wunderschönes Städtchen, die meisten Häuser in rötlichen Erdfarben gehalten. Hat irgendwie was Mittelalterliches an sich. Und: Ich kann Bologna hiermit zu jedem Wetter empfehlen, denn Mehr lesen…