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Malta: Catching up on summer

Since we didn’t really have any summer this year in Holland, I was craving some sun rays and warmth! Malta was an easy choice since it had been on my bucket list for a while – the small island state should offer a lot compared to its small size…and I can definitely confirm that now! But let’s start from the beginning…

11.10.-12.10.2017 Malta – Gozo

In Amsterdam we had to wake up very early, given that our flight on the museum piece-like airline Electra Airlines (booked through Transavia) was going to leave around 6am. Well – the early bird catches the worm – at least we still had a full day to explore Malta this way 🙂 Our first stop was Mosta, where we visited the Rotunda church with its huge dome. Afterwards, it was beach time in Mellieha – unfortunately the beach here was full of sunbeds and umbrellas, and English guys of the generation 50+ 😉 So after a beer and enjoying the sun for a bit we continued on to Popeye Village. We didn’t feel like paying the expensive entrance fee for something that’s more of a kids attraction however the view of the little village and its location in the small bay is very pretty!


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