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Spontaneous Trip To Oslo

In May this year I spontaneously decided to go on a weekend trip to Oslo. Why Oslo? Simply because I had the long Whitsun weekend in front of me and Oslo was the only interesting city with cheap flights on offer on such short notice! 😉

I started my trip Friday after work and landed very late in Oslo. I took the airport bus to the city since there was no local train anymore at that time. If there is, it’s much cheaper. The first impression of Oslo was not that great: Lots of weird people hanging around in the streets at night, run-down buildings,… I didn’t really feel so comfortable. My hostel was also located in one of these areas and welcomed me with a disgustingly musty smell. Do not stay at „Sentrum Hostel“ if you go to Oslo!! Apart from the musty smell there was a very odd audience – I had an African lady staying in my dorm who seemed to „live“ there and looked like a hooker… The hostel is probably cheaper than renting a room in Oslo,…?

Luckily next day was better! First I walked to the famous opera house which looks a bit like an ice berg floating in the water.

IMG_0618 (Kopie)

Then I walked down Radhusgata as a contrast, where Mehr lesen…