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Endlich mal nach Edinburgh!

I’ve been wanting to take a trip to Edinburgh for a looong time and this year in September I finally did it! I have to admit that in that moment I didn’t feel like taking a city trip: I had a lot to do around the house and we were heading to South Africa soon anyways. But at the end of the day, of course, I am glad I went. I was extremely surprised by all the things Edinburgh has to offer.

This time I had booked a bed in a girls-only dorm at a hostel near the center on Queen Street. Everyone was kind of keeping to themselves, but at least we enjoyed a respectful atmosphere and there were no snorers, etc. (memories from Madrid…)

As I only had two days in the city, my schedule was packed. On Saturday morning I went to Calton Hill, which turned out to be the right decision. I had a wonderful view over Edinburgh, perfect light for pictures and I had time to peacefully enjoy my breakfast muffin, before groups of tourists would show up.

Afterwards I went to visit The Scottish Parliament, where you can enter for free. What a modern and fancy building that is! The Holyrood Palace is just right next to it, but I skipped that one. I have seen too many palaces in the past years 😉
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