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Here you can find my most up to date travel plans – so if you have any tips for any of these places, please share! And do let me know if our travel plans overlap… 🙂

  • Ethiopia (Feb/March)
  • Namibia & Botswana with 4×4 (March/April)
  • Zimbabwe, Zambia (April)
  • Malawi (May)
  • Mozambique (June)

And this is how I would like my world map (see Visited Places) to look like at one point…


Of course I wouldn’t mind seeing even more – but you gotta set priorities! 😉 So here is my complete bucket list (as of Dec 2017), alphabethically:

  1. Argentina – I visited only some cities in the North in 2012, but really would like to travel the whole country Visited during Nov-Jan 2018/19 from North to South!
  2. Bahamas – diving with hammerheads!
  3. Bolivia – I wasn’t able to see everything I wanted in 2012, so definitely want to return to one of my favourite countries of South America! 🙂 Visited in Oct 2018, although I still have more places I would like to see, so might return one day!
  4. Botswana – even though it’s pricey, I do want to visit the Okavango delta at one point!
  5. Brazil Rio of course, but also some other places like Lencois Maranhenses looks amazing! Visited Rio and Southern Brazil in Jan/Feb 2019, maybe I’ll come back one day for more.
  6. Canada – spot a grizzly, visit Vancouver and the national parks Banff and Jasper
  7. Chile – trekking in Patagonia and discovering the Moai on Easter Island Easter Island was very special in Sept 2018 and we spent an amazing time in Patagonia from Nov-Jan 2018/19
  8. China – not really that high on my list, but I guess you gotta see the Great Wall and Beijing at one point, right!?
  9. Colombia – another country where I was not able to see everything during my world trip in 2012, even though I spent 5 weeks here! In addition, I now have a really good friend in Bogota who I would love to visit soon.
  10. Cook Islands – especially the lagoon of Aitutaki! I need to see these turquoise colours!!
  11. Costa Rica – Above water, I’m more interested in the neighbour countries, but at one point I will have to treat myself to the ultimate dive experience at Cocos Island!
  12. Ecuador – respectively Galapagos! Yes, I did visit in 2012, however my budget did not allow for a pricey liveaboard dive trip back then. So I will need to return at one point!
  13. Egypt – once it’s safer again, I would like to backpack around the whole country and visit all the great archeological sites
  14. Ethiopia – it’s been a while that I have wanted to see the landscapes of the Danakil desert and the churches of Lalibela
  15. Fiji – also more of an underwater destination for me. Really want to dive with bull sharks there! Done. Even though it was more of a show dive…
  16. French Polynesia – Huahine, Moorea as well as Bora Bora are very tempting. Did you know you can camp on Bora Bora!? Ticked off! But we really liked our time there, so might return one day.
  17. Ghana – the little african country only caught my attention recently
  18. Iceland – I want to see all those beautiful landscapes with my own eyes, and of course dive between the tectonic plates in Thingvellir national park!!
  19. India – I have a lof ot Must Sees there, especially in Rajasthan – but of course Varanasi is also on my wish list. In 2017 we already explored the Golden Triangle and Kerala!
  20. Indonesia – I have already been 3 times to this country: 2010 Java and Bali, 2013 first Sulawesi and later on Bali/Lombok/Komodo/Flores. However – still haven’t made it to West Papua and Raja Ampat (for diving), so this is still „pending“ 😉
  21. Iran – everyone who has been, raves about it. Surely there has to be a reason for that!?
  22. Israel – an extremely fascinating country for me, especially Jerusalem. Visited in March 2018.
  23. Japan – not very high on my list, but the cherry blossom season does look spectacular!
  24. Jordan – Petra!!! Visited in April 2018.
  25. Lebanon – Beirut and the ruins of Baalbek sound very interesting. Visited in April 2018.
  26. Madagaskar – the name alone speaks to the adventurer inside me!
  27. Malawi – this little African nation has been on my bucket list for a while
  28. Maldives – of course this is a dive destination! I really want to go on a liveaboard here! Visited in March 2018
  29. Malta – for being such a small island, there seems to be lots to see Visited in October 2017 🙂
  30. Mexico – I have been here twice already: 2012 I started my world trip in Cancun and then returned for holidays in 2014. Buuut: So far I have only seen the South, so the North is still to be explored! I also would love to dive the Socorro Islands at one point.
  31. Mongolia – on horseback through the Mongolian steppe…sleep in a yurt…experience the infinite expanses…
  32. Mozambique – also been on my bucket list for a looong time, especially because of the diving around Tofo! Mantas and whale sharks, please do wait for me 🙂
  33. Namibia – the incredible desert landscapes are very fascinating to me
  34. Nepal – I loved visiting Nepal in 2013 – so much in fact that I would like to return! Preferably to hike the Everest Base Camp trek.
  35. Nicaragua – Unfortunately I didn’t make it there anymore in 2012, still regretting that.
  36. Palau – of course this is a world class dive destination!
  37. Panama – same as Nicaragua, didn’t make it anymore in 2012. Hopefully at one point in my life, I will 🙂
  38. Samoa – this island represents the typical South Sea bounty beach feeling 🙂 Oh yes, it was amazing in August 2018 – loved my visit!
  39. Scotland – a little but less exotic, but nevertheless very interesting!
  40. Solomon Islands – Diving is supposed to be awesome, the culture interesting and unspoilt, and what’s more: almost noone seems to be going there! The greenest and most unspoiled country I have ever visited…
  41. South Africa – here we spent 3 amazing weeks in 2016. I definitely want to return at one point to experience the Sardine Run!
  42. Syria – I almost had my flight tickets booked in 2011 – and then postponed it. You cannot imagine how much I’m regretting this decision now!! Back then, the country was peaceful and it was safe to travel even for women on their own. Even if this should be the case again at one point, a lot is destroyed now and for sure it will have changed the people…. 😦 Definitely the saddest point on my bucket list.
  43. Taiwan – this small island state somehow interests me 🙂 Visited in May/June 2018
  44. Tanzania – island life on Zanzibar and safari at the Ngorongoro crater
  45. Tonga – snorkel with humpback whales!! Dooooneee!! It was awesome.
  46. Turkey – if the political situation improves again at one point, I really would like to travel through through the country for a couple of weeks. Istanbul has been a great city trip back then!
  47. Uruguay – not so high on my list – however, if I’m back in Buenos Aires at one point, why not take the short hop across the water!? Done in Jan 2019.
  48. USA – also not that important for me. The national parks are definitely more interesting than the cities to me.
  49. United Arab Emirates (UAE) – I would like to see the splendour and crazy buildings in Dubai, and the mosque in Abu Dhabi. Visited in May 2018
  50. Vanuatu – I want to see the active volcano on Tanna island Done and we saw much more! Difficult travelling, but might be back one day.
  51. Venezuela – after Syria probably the most critical point on my list. This country is not doing well at all at the moment, and I probably should have gone earlier when it was safe and easy to travel… The Angel Falls are definitely high up on my list!
  52. Vietnam – travel from North to South through the long country 🙂 Visited in January 2018.
  53. Zambia – bungee jumping at the Victoria Falls!
  54. Zimbabwe – I find this country somehow intriguing – and if I’m already visiting the Vic Falls, I migh as well stay and explore a bit more!
  55. … to be continued.

If a country is not on my list, it doesn’t mean I’m not interested in going but rather that I haven’t thought so much about it – and probably don’t want to 😉 Because the list is long enough as it stands right now! First, I need to „tick off“ some countries, before adding more… 🙂


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